The Sundance Film Festival: Park City, Utah

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Since I am in another state entirely this year, I thought I would share some photos from last year as the 2011 Sundance Festival is underway.

Park City is located roughly 35 minutes away from the Mormon capital of the World, Salt Lake City and was founded in 1869. It has less than 10,000 residents year round but over 100 restaurants to cater for the influx of tourists each winter who visit for the world class skiing and of course, The Sundance Film Festival which happens this year Jan 20-30. This 10 day period has Hollywood’s Glitterati Army descending into the small town, filling up the Penthouses and rental properties us mere mortals cannot afford.
Orlando Bloom
While away from the festivities, I accidentally ran into Orlando Bloom and Adrian Grenier (Vince from Entourage) who were going about their own daily business. Over the next few days I ran into Ludacris and Kristen Stewart. Being the worst possible person to be in that situation I did not recognise anyone. I could have a long term relationship with Madonna and not realise she was famous until our ninth anniversary. There was one person I did want to meet however, (and did) the immaculate and insanely sexy Ryan Gosling who was in town as well as Jonah Hill, Rachel Griffith, Katie Holmes, James Franco and Robert Redford himself, among others.

Kristen Stewart who was there two movies including the then-not-released movie, The Runaways

The Film Festival began in 1981, the year I was born, by Robert Redford to aspire and encourage an environment for original independent film makers and projects. It has become one of the most anticipated and respected film festivals in the country. If you are in the area head down to Main Street, Park City and check out the 2011 festival.

The Sundance Film Festival is on Jan 20-30, 2011 on Main Street, Park City, Utah.


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