A Gluten-Free Mecca: Toronto, Canada

I rarely admit that I can cook, but in fact, I am quite good at it. I just don’t admit it because I don’t want to do the dishes after. Re-heating Spaghetti somehow requires the use of every utensil in the house. It started to drizzle rain on my last Sunday in Toronto so I roamed around Kensington Mall to sample the local food so I wouldn’t have to do any dishes. My first stop was Wanda’s Pie In The Sky on 287 Augusta Avenue – a funky little bakery/cafe. While slightly small on the inside (I later found out it’s actually larger compared to other shops in the area) I ordered the soup of the day, coconut and sweet potato, an avocado sandwich and a bottle of Muskoka Dry Ginger Ale.

Local hipsters filled the cafe; the type wearing black square Gucci glasses and reading Nylon magazine and Choam Nomsky books, or knitted hat wearing/dread-locked young people who are likely studying environmental science with a full arm of tattoos that don’t really seem to be of anything.

After taking in the warm scent of hippies and gluten-free Spinach and Feta Crepes, I walked down Augusta Avenue to Fresco’s Fish ‘n’ chips at 213. I’ve had a craving for decent fish ‘n’ chips since leaving Australia 5 years ago. And I finally found a place I will recommend. If you ever head to Toronto, and find yourself near Dundas Street West or in the Kensington Market, head to Fresco’s. A little shoebox of a shop but great chips (fries) and to die for. I picked up the Cod on one day and the budget friendly special on the second – Montreal style poutine and a can of Coke for $5. This is easily one of the best poutine in the city. Even their home-made dipping sauce and coleslaw is delicious – and that’s coming from someone who usually dislikes it. The extra crispy fish batter is sublime and the chef is engaging and friendly. A small fries (which is actually pretty big box) will set you back $2.98 and a large is $4.98. Two pieces of fish is $2.95 and there is a Wednesday deal going on for crab cakes, fries and a drink for $9.95

While I did dine in a few other places such as the little Crepe shop (over priced and nothing to write home about although their crepes are decent) and a snack from Market Bakery (super cheap but again nothing amazing) Wanda’s and Fresco were my favourites in the area and perhaps even in Toronto.

Kensington Mall is one of my favourite little places to trek around in on a lazy Toronto Sunday afternoon. Where do you eat when you go to Toronto?



  1. Stop, I’m salivating!! Especially great to hear of bakeries overseas as I’m an OZ bakery s**t!! Have a great day!!

  2. PS Love your blog name! LOVE IT!!

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