Sanders Fudge Shop: Mackinac Island

My diet was lacking in vitamins and minerals so I headed to one of the few places I can find fresh fruit on the island – a fudge shop – and picked up a candy covered apple. Sanders takes up, for the most part, half the block making it one of the biggest (if not the biggest) single fudge store on Mackinac island. Sanders has a smaller, original shop on the ground level of The Lakeview Hotel. (Next to Goodfellows restaurant).

It was probably a bad idea to go in right after the Lilac Festival, as everyone needed fudge after watching the spectacle, or rather assumed that was the only food available on the island.


In the window, a grouping of delicate looking chocolate heels are on display – as if the men need another reason to lure their wives away from a candy store. There is a human fudge maker on display, ice cream parlour (selling a fudge sundae for $3) and a multitude of…well everything. From hard anise candies, candy apples, cherry chocolate, chocolate on sticks, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered chocolate, and chocolate double dipped Oreos and cherries from $1.25 up to $24 pound. There are boxed varieties, small and large, even Sandie’s mugs for those that want to drink their chocolate in a chocolatiers endorsed glass.

In comparison to the other fudge shops on the island, this one in particular feels more commercial having its own branded products, the largest premises and prime place on Main Street. The prices are average. While I was kinda annoyed my beloved Kilwin’s had in fact turned into Velvet Candy Store this year, I think, so far, I have found a front-runner for my favourite fudge store. Their chocolate is not too sweet and has a thick consistency.

On my journey, I brought a white chocolate covered apple with M&Ms ($5.75) chocolate cherries (fake cherries, I should know by now…) and a chocolate Oreo. Total? $10.20. And I am probably going back for the anise hard candy…I am a sucker for licorice. In fact, I have a bottle of Sambuca sitting in front of me but that’s another blog altogether.

Have you been to Sanders? Best on the island?



  1. Kimberlee

    Sanders on Mackinac Island??? I did a double take at the title of your post. Ryba’s, Murdick’s but Sanders??? The website says the Mackinac Island store is brand new.

    Sanders is a Detroit institution, founded in 1875. And maybe they are a little commercial since being taken over by Morley Candy. But you will never have a better hot fudge ice cream cream puff!

    • The one on the corner (the one the post is about) is new this year. I was on the Island last year and the place was a clothing store. At the bottom (ground street level) of the Lake View next to Goodfellows is a smaller boutique Sanders, was there last year. It is 1/3 of the size of the new one though. I went there again yesterday..I shouldn’t have but I did~ I am going to gain 100 pounds this summer due to that shop:(

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