The Grand Hotel’s ‘Woods’ Restaurant: Carlton Varney’s German Inspiration

The Woods restaurant is a local favourite, a islander hang out and a tourist’s missed opportunity. This Grand Hotel owned restaurant is located next to the Stonecliffe Inn far enough away from The Grand and downtown to be ‘out of the way’ but still maintaining the same opulent and striking Carlton Varney interiors the Grand Hotel is known for.

The place is a weird mix of yellow, dark woods, greens and reds but it seems to work. I can’t work out if Carlton decided along a traditional german decoration in the woods and then threw in the fuchsia bathroom to confuse or inspire you. I love a good fuchsia bathroom, I always feel like having some type of seizure when I enter, but my god, is it not the most fabulous colour on a wall?

The bar area is small but is next to one of the oldest original wood bowling alleys in the USA. There is a popcorn machine in the bar area as well as a large TV. The government urges you to use it wisely to re-instil the sense of fear you had lost while vacationing on this idyllic little island.

The restaurant menu is Bavarian style and the appetizers start at $9 for a pretzel basket and end at $15 for a Lump Crab and Lobster Cake. The entrees start at $18 for a Three Cheese Tart and end at $38 for a Dijon and Herb Crusted Lamb Chops. All soups are $7/$9 and salads are $10/11. The desserts are all $9 and consist of 6 options including Gingerbread Cake, White Chocolate Espresso Torte and Toffee Crunch Cheesecake.

 The Jamaican bartender who has been popular with the local residents for years is (every second week) mixing up drinks. If there is one thing this bartender likes more than mixing his signature Long Island Iced Tea is women. So if you see Whaldy behind the bar, tell him His Wife sent you! (It’s a joke) He is, for the most part, a local celebrity. Or so he says/likes to think so.

The Woods is open for Dinner 7 nights a week and while part of the Grand Hotel, does not need the $10 entry fee and is casual attire. The bar is open from 11am and dinner is served from 5:30pm to 10pm. A shuttle to The Woods can be caught from the front porch of the Grand Hotel or in front of Arnold Boat Dock. It costs $5.75 per person each way.

Have you been to The Woods? What was your impression?


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  1. It’s time to update this one! Thanks for speaking so highly of the Woods and especially Whaldy. He is wonderful, I should know, I actually am his wife!

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