U2 Vertigo Tour – with ‘Pearl Jam’ – Oahu

I’ve had a blessed life – I am first to admit it. I’ve had bad times and rough times but some of the things I’ve seen and been able to do make me pinch myself. Many of those moments happened in my annual trips to Hawaii. From snorkelling in an ancient volcanic crater, surfing, swimming with sharks, sun-baking at Waimea Bay to attending the Pipeline Masters surfing competition to seeing Pearl Jam and U2 live in Aloha Stadium, 20 minutes from Waikiki.


U2 on stage at Aloha Stadium, Oahu.

I used to work in a fairly high ranking position back at home and was fortunate enough to take 2 months off for three years in a row and basically, hang out in Oahu on a paid vacation. It was on one of these trips I had spent the day at Banzai Pipeline and met an American girl who invited me to the U2 Vertigo concert. It was the grand finale of the Vertigo tour and Pearl Jam were the opening act.

As the last concert for the album ‘Vertigo’ the celebrities were out in force – I stood next to Kid Rock and Cindy Crawford, the cast from Lost, Heather Locklear and Kelly Slater while watching Eddie Vedder, Bono and a surprise guest, Green Days Billie Jo Armstrong. Eddie Vedder and Bono sang a duet, “Rockin in the Free World” and “The Saints Are Coming” duet with Billie Jo Armstrong and Eddie Vedder. The concert was packed – I am sure everyone in Hawaii and half of the US Army were. With an iconic band like U2 (and Pearl Jam) in the same venue, I am sure many people’s youths flashed before their eyes and each song touched them and made them relive a memory or time in their lives when the iconic songs were played.

A photo I took from the second row 

They sang every song you would expect them to and then 30 more, it was a once in a lifetime night. It was during Beautiful Day that I looked next to me and saw Kid Rock and wondered, how the hell did I get here? I had spent the week snorkelling, surfing and watching Kelly Slater in a professional surfing competition and even attending a pro surfer’s party and the Rip Curl Official Kick Off Party and spent a few days lazing around on Waimea Bay. And here I was at a concert I nearly didn’t attend – if not for meeting a girl at the beach -watching Bono and Eddie Vedder, two of the most iconic singer/songwriters of my generation – while Kid Rock got mobbed next to me while I was an 8 hour plane ride from home across the Pacific.

Sometimes life really is amazing.

Have you ever seen U2 or Pearl Jam live in concert or had a moment like this – how the hell did I end up here?


What are your thoughts?

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