A postcard from Toronto

One of my favourite areas in Canada is Kensington Market – a distinctive and multicultural neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. One of Toronto’s older and most famous areas is essentially a few blocks littered with cafes, bakeries, fruit stalls, vintage clothing and stores selling incense and weird stuff like voodoo supplies. There is an increasing Rastafarian vibe in the area with a small flea market to conveniently pick up some weed. Perhaps after eating your gluten-free crêpe, stock piling some voodoo supplies to unleash black magic onto the crouch of your ex, you can make your way over to the bong laden door of a Rastafarian store to brush up on your Jamaican creole and smoke some ganja. Just a thought.

Walking through Kensington Market there is evidence of a distinct smell. If it were a perfume the top notes would be nutella crepes, bananas and patchouli which fade into a wet wood aroma. The base notes that linger on your skin, layer scents of fresh lettuce, a hint of marijuana and citrus berries. The area is a bohemian eclectic hang out full of hipsters, vegan non fun-only students, and tourists walking around aimlessly trying to find out why it’s so hip and what the hell gluten is.

The reason I go to Kensington when I am in town is for the food. My favourite two stops are Wanda’s Pie in the Sky and Fresco’s Fish n Chips. Fresco’s have brilliant chips and moist fresh fish, and Wanda’s serves delicious fresh salads and super yummy Muskoka ginger ale. I have written about both of these places before, but for those new to the blog, Wanda’s Pie in the Sky is famous for it’s freshly prepared salads, quiche, sandwiches, muffins and divine gluten-free (of course) cup cakes. Afterwards, to wash it all down, head over to the Cloak and Dagger pub which has 18 different types of beer on tap.

In 2006, Kensington was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Have you been to Kensington Markets? What was your favourite thing to do?


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