The Bucket List: Packing my bags to travel around the world. Again.

It’s probably not a shock that I am preparing to travel around the world again. What’s even less of a shock is I have no idea what to pack to visit the US, UK, Europe and Africa in one suitcase for three seasons.

In the US; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orléans, New York, and Chicago are booked. I’ve been to all of them before but there is always something I never got to see or do. (Such as Alcatraz)

After touring  the US, I am travelling to Europe again. London is the first stop, one of my favourite cities. From this prime location, I will be flying all over Europe trying to avoid places I have already been and the phone calls from my Russian friends trying to drag me back to Moscow.

After a couple of months and a possible trip back to Australia on one of the longest commercial flights in the world, it’s back to the USA. I was offered a scholarship to study on the East Coast a few miles away from some great medical centres and intern/fellowship opportunities. I’m under the impression the nucleus of the world is somewhere between Harrisburg and Philadelphia as I always end up there.

I am really the last person who needs one but I have started a bucket list. My top 5 cities to try my hardest to get to visit/revisit are;

  1. Morocco
  2. Cairo
  3. Delhi
  4. Cape Town
  5. Pompeii

Maybe it’s time I signed up for a frequent flyer scheme.

What top 5 places/things to do are on your bucket list? 



  1. I know you’ve been to San Fran but I’ll say it anyway: don’t forget to pack sweaters! I’ve only been once but I thought “oh, California, beaches, sun, hot,” you know, like a dumbass. It was unbelievably cold for the summer. I guess it’s the elevation or something. But not having a sweater kinda put a damper on my whole vacay.

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