The Travelling Beauty: Highlighting the Basics

Studying science and medicine takes the pleasure out of buying beauty products. It’s almost depressing – I can stand for hours looking at the ingredients of cosmetics. And while I do have good skin, I also know that as a living organism, it soaks up everything we put on it – chemicals and all.  This doesn’t mean I no longer shop –  I am just more selective about what I buy.

Prime Time

Most women I know don’t own any type of primer. Understandably, with 7000 products already in the cupboard you hardly need another. But primers are the starting point in the make up process of having a flawless complexion. When used under your foundation, a primer creates an invisible layer between your skin and the foundation, acting as a buffer to outside elements. I often use Nars Pore Refining Primer $32. It’s oil free, refines the look of pores, regulates shine and mattifies the skin. In terms of ingredients this isn’t too bad for a non organic product. It has pure lentil seed extract, butterbur root, Vitamins A, C and E, no alcohol, oil or synthetic-fragrances and is non-Comedogenic and Dermatologist tested.

I have been using Nars’ primer for about three months as I have been a devoted user of MAC’s primer for years $33. Laura Mercier has a great primer also for around $30. For a decent primer, I would expect to pay between $30 – $50.

An illuminator / Highlighter:

While I love St Tropez’s illuminators in Violet, I always rely on Nars Laguna highlighter. Laguna is a bronzed highlighter so I mix it with my moisturizer and use it for an overall lightly bronzed finish. Nars are renowned around the world for their great highlighters from the cult classic Orgasm to the newer G-Spot (seriously).  These highlighters can be used as either a highlighter or an illuminators and they have won accolades from InStyle magazine, among many others, as the “best overall highlighter’ (2011) Laguna was named best bronzer for fair skin in InStyle. They are quick and easy to apply, have multiple purposes, (bronzer, illuminators, highlighter or used on eyes and cheeks) are natural looking and enriched with vitamin E and açai.

If you are looking for a highlighter to define your cheekbones with, I would suggest Nars highlighter in Orgasm or one of my favourites, Benefit’s High Beam $26.

Do you use a primer or highlighter/illuminator?


What are your thoughts?

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