The Hollywood Tragical Tour: Dearly Departing Los Angeles.

I have a tendency to love the left of centre places – the higher the probability of getting robbed, kidnapped or verbally abused, the better (apparently). On my recent trip to Los Angeles I revisited one of my favourite past times – The Dearly Departed tour, researched and owned by Hollywood Historian Scott Michaels.

Some of the sites around L.A where blood, guts, overdoses and gun shot wounds have occurred

I’ve done this tour twice but if you need someone else’s recommendation, Billy Bob Thornton sends his house guests on this tour and it is featured in the 1000 Things to do Before you Die. The tour has been taken by Dave Navarro and featured on The Girls Next Door, E! 20 Most Horrifying Hollywood Murders, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, NBC Nightly News, Getaway, Access Hollywood and Anderson Cooper 360. And now you should feel guilty for doubting me, bitches.

The Chateau Marmont a stop on the tour – John Belushi died in Bungalow #3.

The tour gives light-hearted mentions of things you would never know – Rainbow Bar and Grille is where John Belushi ate his last meal and where Marilyn Monroe met Joe Di Maggio on a blind date. The darker side of the tour focuses on the places celebrities have died – Michael Jackson, John Belushi, Janis Joplin, Bela Lugosi, River Phoenix, Mae West – and the sites of infamous murders such as the house of the Menendez Brothers which was, coincidentally, a former home of Michael Jackson, Prince and Elton John. The restroom break on this tour takes place in Beverly Hills’ Will Rogers Memorial where George Michael was caught getting freaky. Fortunately, the break is not long enough for you to get caught doing the same. (If it is, kudos to you. You have trained yourself well)

The tour takes you to roughly 100 sights in 2.5 hours. You can buy tickets here. Tour pick up is at Sunset Blvd, between N Shrader Blvd & Cassil Place. If you can’t make the tour in LA, Scott has a DVD of the Dearly Departed Tour and he operates the website There is also a tour called Helter Skelter available for those who want a darker more macabre tour of LA and the Manson murders. If you want to read about my darker experiences read my other blog here.

Have you been to LA? What tours did you do? Have you ever been on the Dearly Departed Tour?



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  2. I had no idea this tour existed and it sounds fascinating! Hollywood has quite a history. LAlist just posted their list of haunted places (based on a similar history). You should check it out:

    • Hi, the tour is quite fun and I like that it has something a bit different to offer than the 1000 other tours available who say exactly the same thing! I love LA for that reason – it has a colourful history:) I will check out that site – thanks! R

  3. Whenever I hear someone is going on a holiday to LA, I recommend this tour. I’m interested in history and entertainment and heard lots of fascinating stories.

    • Hi, that’s awesome! It’ a great tour. It has changed a bit since the first time I did it though – they took out things like the lot where the Black Dahlia was found and replaced it with the street corner Rhianna got hit by Chris Brown which I wasn’t that happy about – however, Scott said he is working on DD2! Amazing. 🙂 Glad you like the tour just as much… R

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