The Big, Easy: New Orleans

I finally arrived in New Orléans and it’s one of my favourite cities in the United States. It moves to its own beat, is rich architecturally, historically, and in cuisine. The streets are joyfully filled with a faint clarinet and trumpet riff from generations before, the jazz infused cafe’s and Creole inspired meals fill the Victorian, Queen Anne, Greek and Colonial architecture. The food has a kick to it, the people are warm and friendly, the city itself is a historical puzzle waiting to be discovered and put together. I love the city’s policy of not allowing two houses look exactly the same, while the rest of the USA moves towards a common blueprint, New Orléans stands alone; personal, unique, inspired, restless yet laid back. New Orléans does not lack a distinctive pulse – the city is very much alive, drunk on its own passion for music, food, architecture, history and survival. New Orléans lets you live as hard or as soft as you like, it can envelope you in fury of joyful soul inspired moments, or it can leave you to sit calmly in a café reading a book.

 Some free -ish things to of in New Orleans: Try the Nola Tour Guy . He will walk you through the Garden District and the French Quarter for tips only. Free Tours by Foot which offers a tour of the Lafayette cemetary as well as the Garden and French Districts. Spend lazy hours soaking up the sun in the French Quarter, window shopping at Magazine Street or joyfully walking the mansion lined streets of the Garden District or even visit the Sculpture Garden or Jackson Square.

You can try a St Louis #1 Cemetery tour, volunteer to help rebuild the Lower 9th Ward, get tickets to see a Saints Game, do a cooking class or even get a Voodoo Reading. Visit the Original Cafe Du Monde built in 1862 for the infamous beignets – french style doughnuts covered with powered sugar.

Have you ever been to New Orléans? What did you do?


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  1. Renee, I am so glad you are discovering one of my absolute favorite cities. And you described it perfectly! Have fun but be careful. There is a dark side there also. 🙂

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