The 30 Before 30 List

A to do list is as much about motivation as it is about keeping you on track. A classic Type A control freak, I have kept to do lists since I was old enough to write – even my finger paintings were cryptic to do lists.

1. Live and work in at least 4 countries (Australia, Russia, US and UK)

2. Live in the Russian Federation for 6 months soaking up the history and language (Murom)

3. Spend time in New Orléans (I am writing this in New Orleans!)

4. Visit 30 countries (close!)

5. Fill another passport

6. Finish designing my dream house

7. Decide on which country I want to live in

8. Win a scholarship  (I have been given 2)

9.  Invest in good quality brands that will last for beauty, fashion and most importantly, luggage.

10. Be a published writer (Yep)

11. Spend 1-2 semesters studying abroad (Jan 2013)

12. Trim those people out who don’t make an effort to be in your life

13. Develop a new skill (I am enrolling in classical french cooking classes!)

14. Buy a Rolls Royce Phantom (um….Safe to say this is not done)

15. Live at Chateau Marmont for one week

16. Spend one week at a holistic resort in Thailand or Bali (Booked in for November)

17. Contribute to a newspaper or magazine

18. Be heather and start running again (urgh.)

19. A fellowship or internship at an US medical/forensic facility

20. Become fluent in a language other than English

21. Be positive

22. Spend 6 months living in Philadelphia/Pittsburgh (next year)

23. Fall in love again with someone who will a) follow me or b) ask me to stay

24. Finally finish with University and decide about PhD programme

25. Buy a home/land or at least decide on where I want to live

26. Spend time meditating and relaxing each day

27. Live on a boat off Catalina for a week

28. Live in Morocco or India for one month and take cooking classes

29. Spend a week back in NY but stay in Harlem instead of the Upper East Side

30. Enjoy life and be happy!

I say I am about 75% there. What’s on your to do list? 


What are your thoughts?

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