St Paul’s Cathedral and The London Museum

St Paul’s (and the Church Garden behind it) is another of my favourite places in London. The day I visited, the Para-Olympics were on, so it was busier than usual with Londoners bustling with national pride and excitement. The Cathedral, popularly known to my generation as the location of Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981, was designed by the extraordinary historical figure Sir Christopher Wren. Queen Victoria in 1897 commemorated her Diamond Jubilee here, as did Queen Elizabeth II for her Jubilee in 2012 (and her 80th birthday in 2006). The funerals of Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Sir Winston Churchill have taken place here. Even Martin Luther King stopped at St Paul’s en route to collect his Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. It truly is a remarkable place in history and the architecture alone is worth the visit and putting up with the crowds.

I sat behind the Cathedral in the quaint garden (with yet another London tribute to John Wesley) and ate a bloody nice nectarine and fresh apple from M&S from across the road before heading down the road to the Museum of London (I stopped at Postman’s Park on the way)Obviously, the Museum of London knew I was arriving as a Dissection and Anatomy exhibit was being prepped. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the free museum which unveils artefacts from Britain’s past from prehistoric to today with sections from Victorian Age to Roman Age and a modern twist, adding student contributions and artworks of our generation beside ancient artefacts. For example, next to a 600 bc clay water jug, a student has gathered plastic water and Coke bottles to display how our life today differs from historic times. It is safe to say in 300 years our generation will look the love child of Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol condensed into a million plastic things and an iPod. Not a good look.For free, it is definitely worth the look for the comprehensive overview of London. And it’s free which is means a lot in the notoriously expensive city.

Have you been to either the St Paul’s Cathedral or the London Museum? Did you think it was worth it?


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