You want to pay me to live on a Scottish island for a month? Sure!

Sitting in a London pub having a pint of what I suspect a public bathroom would taste like, I was offered a job at the last-minute on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. Less than 24 hours later I was there. (And people say I am impulsive) This, like my trip to Russia is obviously an act of fate – it offers me a full-time job at odd hours, allowing me to travel around the island during the day and to study while earning enough money to do something fabulous for my birthday in early November. The Scottish country side is also the perfect setting to paint a picture of the rest of your life.

The ride through the Scottish countryside (Inverness looks amazing!) and the 45 minute ferry ride to the Isle of Mull was worth the full 14 hour effort (from London through Glasgow) to get here. The largest port to the Isle is Oban, which is accessible by bus and train. (Both National Express, Mega bus and the Train line go here, or fly into Glasgow or private plane to Oban.)

The Scottish countryside is beautiful – waterfalls trickling down on large lush green mountains, surrounded by manicured lawns and lambs, creeks and deep blue lakes set in the foreground of ancient castles on cliffs and bridges hidden under overgrown trees. Beautiful.The Isle of Mull is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides west of Scotland. It’s the fourth largest Scottish island, a population of just under 2700 and a coastline of 480km. Mull was inhabited just after 6000 bc which means she is not only beautiful but one bloody old beast who photographs like a watercolour painting.

What drew me to Scotland – besides being paid for doing almost nothing in paradise – were the legends of shipwrecks and forgotten treasure and the lure of old castles – in my spare time I like to make-believe I am Indiana Jones obviously. The Duart, Torosay and Moy Castles are all on the Isle of Mull. The world’s number 2 wildlife tour (beaten only by a tour in Kenya) is also on the Isle of Mull. Even though I am yet to see any of them, the Isle of Mull has been used in a few feature films such as Entrapment (1999) and Blooded (2011) Luckily, I have plenty of time to discover this beautiful place and the job ends a few days shy of my birthday. Perfect.

Have you been to the Isle of Mull? What are the must see/do’s while I am here?



  1. highlandsandislands

    What’s the job? Sounds great.

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