Goodbye Scottish Islands. Hello Italy!

Tip: Never start working a temporary seasonal job toward the end of the season. The staff are pissed off, angry, home sick, annoyed, manic-depressive, under paid and are just realising they haven’t saved nearly as much as they thought they would by now. They hate the management, and have grand schemes of how they would run the business (and the world for that matter), much more efficiently than anyone prior to their existence. My boss has walked around for two weeks telling everyone not to piss me off because Australian women wear the pants in all relationships. (True, but it has been entirely ineffective) The Chefs scream the C word when a guest orders the Salmon from the menu (how dare they!). The dishwasher is pissed off when you give him something to wash (how dare you!) and asks for 15 minutes to catch up on the tray of cups which would take 30 seconds so the restaurant has 40 dirty tables and 30 people lining up wanting somewhere to sit. The joys. I am increasing my Vicodin levels daily just to deal.

This particular stay in Scotland is coming to a close in 3 days. I will fly into Milan for  quick tour, then to Verona, Naples, Rome and Pompeii. After Italy, I fly to New York, LA, Sydney, back to LA, Denver then to Philadelphia for 6 months. Is it just me or have I been flying more since I said I wouldn’t? The next stop though is Oban to sit my exams. 

Are any of you travelling, working full time and studying full time as well? How are you coping?


What are your thoughts?

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