My Christmas Wish List: From Mulberry to Jo Malone

My christmas wish? I have wouldn’t have microbiology lab on Friday afternoon next semester: How very rock n roll. Last year, I wrote a What Not to Buy Christmas list and have since received emails asking for present ideas this Christmas. So, here are some brand ideas, and everything on this list is on my wish list. Most pieces will last a few years to a few decades and obviously, despite my suitcase existence, I have fairly expensive tastes.

For the Gold Digger or the Holy Shit! I Can’t Believe I Scored This Girl, So I Better Get Something Off the Hook:

A Mulberry Handbag (1). These are fairly expensive but quintessentially English in style. They have been the “It” bag of London Fashion week and have been seen on the arm of every English celebrity including the titalating Duchess of Cambridge. They also hold their value quite well and resell for around $800 in mint condition. They retail for around $1300 US. While a Chanel bag might be the Holy Trail, they retail for around $3000. So unless this girl is so off the hook she can’t be caught, play it safe and keep the extra $1500 in yo’ wallet. You’re going to need it, we might be heading back into a recession.

The Globe Trotting Friend or Girlfriend –

Jimmy Choo Passport Holder (2). While more practical than screaming I Love You, this Jimmy Choo passport holder is divine. It’s also now on sale for almost half the original price tag ($295) It makes any holiday sparkly, feminine and stylish. It’s hard work making official government documents look cute but it does.

The Wife:

Agent Provocateur Lingerie (4) is one of the best lingerie houses in the world – think of Victoria Secrets kinkier cousin for a more sophisticated women and not collegiate freshman. The designs are unique and inspired, there’s plenty of choice for the girl next door, the girl who only stays next door one night a week, or the girl you wish you could get next door. I’ve been dying for this bra for 6 months but it retails for 140 pounds. Expensive, but it’s for communal use, right? (NB: She will know it’s for communal use, so you may want to grab something else just for her or she may refuse to wear it as you “didnt buy her anything for christmas”) These pieces, provided they aren’t ripped off her body, should last for a few years with care. 2013 is the year to bring sexy back, bitches.

The Steady Girlfriend who is going the distance (you think/hope)

Michael Kors Watch (5) I brought this watch for myself for Christmas. Michael Kors rose gold watches are stylish and go with most outfits. They retail for around 229 pounds or 300 USD. The watch itself is fairly heavy but with love and care will also last years and never go out of fashion. It also fills the void for the girlfriend who finds it hard to commit to silver or gold (ie me) technically, a watch is jewellery even if it isn’t the 10 carats she wants on that finger. And it’s Michael Kors, it’s not like she will throw it back at you.

The Artistic, Travelled and Cultured Girlfriend

Diptique (7) is a cult French brand with fans around the world. Their candles are infamous for the long-lasting scent as well as their unique perfumes. The berry inspired perfume L’Ombre Dans is divine as well as my favourite, the Figue inspired Phylosophikos for a lighter scent perfume (Think L’Ombre for Winter/Fall and Phylosophkos for Spring/Summer) The candles maintain cult status among celebrities – I find the best three are Mimosa, Gardenia or Roses. If you want an alternative try Jo Malone. Her Rose Bath Oil and Orange perfume and Candles are amazing. (Tip: Search the web. Fragrancex is usually pretty cheap. Prices will vary) If you can find her original favourite first edition or signed book or painting, go with that too.

Just a friend’ who is not expecting a gift but you want to get them something neat/small. A work colleague, perhaps.

Try The Rifle Paper Co (8) They sell pretty and personalised stationery, to cute whimsical french inspired cards to gorgeous floral journals to chronicle their decent into madness. I have their notebooks and journals. Hmmm.

A friend” you have known for a while but want something more from. A lot more.

For a romantic move, try a necklace from Alex Monroe. They aren’t too expensive but are unique enough to stand out and make an impact. You can buy adorable rabbit or bird necklaces in gold which are feminine and girly and have a range of prices to suit most mid range budgets. You’ll score points for showing you have listened. (If she keeps telling you she is dying to go to Paris but can’t afford to go buy her french lessons or a luxurious little french book that will transport her there. Or learn a few sentences your self and seduce the beast. Je t’aime!) The most heartfelt and romantic way to show someone you want more is a handwritten letter. Who doesn’t like a lifetime keepsake and someone saying they love you? Exactly.(The person who writes it after they are humiliated after giving it to them and it’s not reciprocated, perhaps?)

The Fashionista

These Jimmy Choo (9) are to-die-for. If she isn’t into shiny booties (who the hell isn’t?) Jimmy Choo has a range of boots for winter and summer, as well as platforms and ballerinas any girl would die for. The label alone will make her squeal past the disappointment of not becoming Mrs….for a couple of months anyway.

The One: Put a ring on it.

This is going to sound anti romantic and cheap, but buy the ring and ask her around christmas and kill 2 birds with one stone. Besides no matter what else you buy her she wont remember – she’ll be too busy throwing the rock in everyone’s (uninterested) face. This way you can take her out for dinner on Xmas, or do something special and ask her to marry you. Done. Next.

How do I get the perfect gift?

It’s not rocket science. The trick is to take notice. If you love someone, you should be attentive to their wants: Christmas should be a breeze. If she always wears a perfume and only has 1/3 of a bottle left, write what it is and take it into Macy’s. If she is always complaining her feet are killing, book her a pedicure or massage or buy her new shoes. If she complains she has nothing to wear, take her shopping and let her think she is paying for whatever she buys (so she doesn’t buy the shop on your wallet & she will be choosing the style and size so you wont ‘get it wrong’) and at the check out pay for it. It’s the little things that really do count. If you do this, the gift at christmas is only the cherry on top so to speak because you will be the greatest present she has gotten all year. Now everybody….Awww…Now go stimulate the economy!


What are your thoughts?

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