The List of Lists: 2012 Edition

As 2012 slowly closes its door, I thought I would share some of my favourites from 2012 with you. It has been a crazy year – leaving the US for Australia, then a trip to London which led to living an obscure Scottish Island, a six city stop around the US again, a quick two-week trip around Italy, then back to Australia. Yesterday my visa was approved to move to Pennsylvania for a while, so I am leaving the Australian heat (it was 90 today) and I am jetting off to the PA snow in a months time.


Maldives. My dream destination for 2013.

The last 10 places I visited:

Isle of Mull, Scotland

Rome, Italy

Sydney, Australia

Las Vegas, USA

London, United Kingdom

Milan, Italy

Glasgow, Scotland

New York, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Oban, Scotland

The last 5 Films I watched:

The Art of Getting By (Loved)

Like Crazy


Take this Waltz

Martha Macy May Marlene

The 5 bands  on constant repeat on my iPod: (Click for one of my favourite songs official video on Youtube)

Mumford and Sons

Counting Crows

Frank Sinatra

Lana Del Rey



New Orléans

10 of my favourite major cities anywhere in the world:

Rome, Italy

London, UK

Sydney, Australia

New York, USA

Paris, France

Dublin, Ireland

Queenstown, New Zealand

Haleʻiwa, Hawaii

Tokyo, Japan

Paris, France

Favourite 10 Cities in the US (So far..)

New Orléans, LA

Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY

Haleʻiwa, Hawaii

Mackinac Island, MI

San Francisco, CA

Steamboat Springs, CO

Santa Fé, NM

Cape Cod, MA

Los Angeles, CA

5 favourite shows I watched repeatedly in 2012:

Dexter (Can this show get any better? Seriously!)

An Idiot Abroad

Big Bang Theory

Life’s too Short (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s new show)

Six Feet Under

5 must-see places in Australia:

Port Arthur, Tasmania (The whole state is beautiful, actually.)

Darwin, NT with a side trip to Ayers Rock

Sydney, NSW

Cairns for The Great Barrier Reef and a day trip to Port Douglas

Fraser Island, Far North Queensland

5 places I haven’t visited but really want too

Cape Town, South Africa

Landa Giraavaru, Maldives (see pic above)

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Havana, Cuba

Athens, Greece

5 underrated/crapped on US Cities I think are worth re considering

Washington DC, MD

Philadelphia, PA

Traverse City, MI

Pittsburgh, PA (Shittsburgh, it’s not)

New Orléans, LA – this is one of my favourite cities anywhere in the world

*Detroit is also continually crapped on, usually by me, and with good reason. The rest however, are good cities with plenty to offer if you can dig a little deeper.

5 artists currently bringing me Christmas joy:

The Rat Pack

Ella Fitzgerald

Nat King Cole

Elvis Presley

Bing Cosby

Something not bringing me christmas joy:

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. I’m happy Will’s is getting some…but enough already. It’s the day its announced and I’m over it. Next.

What are some of your lists from 2012? Do you disagree with me?


What are your thoughts?

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