2013: Inspired


In 2012, I fell in love with Rome after visiting the Colosseum, Pantheon, and the Vatican; soaked up the Ouzo infused coffee and hazelnut chocolate Italians adore. I moved to a remote Scottish Island I didn’t know existed and explored an ancient castle. I moved to London, and rekindled my love of everything British by lining the streets for the Para-Olympic games, then touring the places I didn’t have time to last visit; St Paul’s Cathedral, the British Museum, Postman’s Park and Westminster. I soaked up as much of Glasgow as I could on two long weekends, and smaller Scottish sea-side towns. I travelled across Scotland, England, the US and Italy via train. I spent a month touring some of my favourite places in the US starting in Honolulu, then New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Mackinac Island, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I did a quick return trip to Australia, and I am on my way to the East Coast once again to live.

My goals this year are bigger than ever. I know what I want and I have more direction. In one word 2013 will be inspired. The biggest goal on my list is to find a home; as a metaphor, a person or a literal interpretation – something that will ground me for a while and bring me back to earth after spending years in the sky.

I hope 2013 is inspiring for you as well!

What is your biggest goal for 2013?


What are your thoughts?

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