Serendipity: I Heart New York City.

After flying 9 hours from Sydney to Honolulu and then another 9 hours from Honolulu to New York City, I am finally relaxing in Chelsea, Manhattan. (The flights were torturous but I saved almost $800 by flying with two airlines with a stopover) From a sweltering Australian summer evening to a freezing New York morning, I am popping antibiotics like no ones business.*


After dropping off my suitcase in my Chelsea rental apartment, I walked to Broadway – very slowly, diverting past “Carrie’s” house from SATC and the “House of Death” before a blissful peppermint mocha and cannoli from Rocco’s. After shopping in H&M for an hour and chatting up a very cute guy at Converse on Broadway, I strolled (OK, hiked it was a bloody long way) through the luminous and chaotic Times Square, zigzagging between Eighth, Seventh and Sixth Avenues. I then walked across to Sixtieth Street between Second and Third Avenue and fell in love once more with Serendipity3.


Serendpity3 (above) is a tiny restaurant Andy Warhol once proclaimed was his favourite sweet shop. The restaurant, named after the art of finding the pleasantly unexpected by chance or fate, is like walking into a small and exclusive fantasy in the same vein of  Alice in Wonderland. The wait time for a lunch table was 1.5 hours; luckily (serendipitously?) I walked in and was seated immediately. Ordering the french toast with fruit followed by the infamous frozen hot chocolate (to go) while enjoying the visual eclectic design, all of my senses were on cloud nine. The only complaint is that the place is always so full and busy, you wish it would chill out. Popular with celebrities and even more popular with locals, it was featured in the movie Serendipity. (I’m a sucker, it’s one of my favourite movies ever) If I was to ever elope, I might think about removing the chairs and tables and doing it here. Divine.


After Serendipity3, I stopped in at Dylan’s Candy Bar on the corner of 60th and 3rd – owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, and then on to Central Park to sit and relax, watch people walk by hand in hand, others learn to ice skate, some to break dance, others to read and one girl who sat with a sign that said, “Need to talk, I may not have the answers but I will listen.” A quick stroll through Strawberries Fields and listening to John Lennon on my iPod, the day was perfect.


Walking home in the chilly NYC winter back through Times Square, and on to Whole Foods for some hot split pea soup, I realised how lucky I am to visit this place and what a marvelous place it would be to live in. I have always loved New York, but it doesn’t have the black noir feel LA has. There is something slightly dirtier or more seedy about LA and the history it was built on, but NYC is always the hipsters haven and dare I say, I was in heaven.

Have you been to Serendipity3?  What’s your favourite place in NYC?

*Not true, I have been through one round, do not take antibiotics unless you have too. Your body can become immune to them quite quickly.


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  1. Mmm, sounds like a sweet and brilliant day. I’ve still never been to NYC but you’ve just made me want to go even more.

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