Checked in luggage part 1: Inside my beauty case

Long haul flights are always a delight – fighting Deep Vein Thrombosis, nursing a headache courtesy of the child screaming behind you, stomach cramps from the horrible plane food and silent prayers for a timely landing without an explosion. But there’s one other thing you need to worry about: the moisture being stripped from your skin. This is why of the 4-5 beauty items in my beauty case, more than half rehydrate my skin. Below are the 8 items I always choose from when filling my beauty case for a flight.


1. Moisture is Key

Kora Organics – a range of organic skin products by Miranda Kerr – is divine and the Hydrating Day and Night Moisturiser is perhaps the highlight of the collection. Ingredients include rose, natural omega 6 fatty acids, lavender, noni extract, rose hip and mandarin oil. After I have removed all make-up from my face, I apply this ultra hydrating moisturiser at the beginning and end of every flight. I also use this as a hand moisturiser while flying. (I’m addicted to Aesop skin care and use the Camelia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream at home ($49 for 60ml). I use Kora Organics while travelling because the packaging is lighter and smaller. Both are great though).

2. Spritz Me

Philosykos and L’Ombre dans l’Eau from the luxury brand Diptyque, are my favourite perfumes year round. Philosykos is reminiscent of fig trees and freshly cut leaves while L’Ombre dans l’eau offers a more woody scent – think a water garden surrounded by black currants and roses. The prices match the reputation of this Parisian based brand, however, roll-on oil perfumes and travel sizes are available. A great option if you wish to avoid spritzing perfume in the confined area of a plane. A perfume oil roll-on version is $55.

3. Two in One

Benefit Cosmetics Posie Tint is a lip and cheek stain that has reached cult status. This 12.5ml bottle comes in 3 gorgeous shades (poppy-pink, red and mango) to match a range of skin tones. This product will replace your blush and lipstick, adding a touch of colour to your face after a long and draining flight without much effort (or need for a mirror). Retail $30.

4. The Great Mist

Jurlique’s Rose Water Spray is a natural and sublime option for keeping your face hydrated on long haul flights. The scent is gorgeous and the refreshing effect on your skin is just as good. The ingredients contain all the nourishing components your skin will love – marshmallow and glycerin which help prevent moisture loss, rose and aloe vera will soften and calm the skin while grapefruit provides antioxidant protection. Jurlique offer a 15ml travel sized bottle. A 50ml bottle retails for $35. Another great organic mist for your face is Kora Organics Lavender Mist ($39.95) Or try Aesop’s Spray-on Hydration (infused with rose petals). ($25)

5. Wipe It Away

This is one of my essentials when I travel – a packet of 5 facial wipes. I use these at the beginning and end of each flight before I moisturise. I also use them to wipe my hands and for any spills or accidents. Retail is $1.25 for 5 wipes.

6. Kiss Me

Kora Organics (I am not a spokesperson I swear!) Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm is effortlessly rehydrating to the lips and is full of rich ingredients such as avocado, rosehip, jojoba, vitamin c and e. Miranda Kerr swears she keeps this in her handbag. While travelling, I have been known to apply this to my cuticles as well. Retail is $24.95.

7. Bright and Early

Benefit Cosmetics have long been one of my favourite brands for make up and besides Posie Tint, the Dandelion Face Brightener (7g) is a stand out in their product line. This brightening powder will refresh your face after a long flight and lack of sleep. I use this in place of any illuminators or foundation. As you can see, I pack items that will rehydrate or make me look fresher without needing a mirror or extra tools. Retails for $28

8. In-Flight Delicacy

Aesop is my favourite skin care brand. It’s fresh, natural and the company’s philosophy is close to my own. The Ginger Flight Therapy is a lightweight ginger scented oil used to dab on your neck, temples, wrists or behind the ears to de-stress. Ginger is known to have a calming effect on nausea, a common complaint of flyers. I don’t suffer from nausea, instead I use this instead to de-stress and relax on extra long flights so I don’t stab the person in front of me. A 10ml bottle retails for $31.

I do not take all 8 products at once and I rotate them often. For example, if I pack a good moisturiser and a face brightener, I will leave the rehydration mist at home depending on the length of the flight. If its a short flight I will often leave the Aesop In Flight Ginger Therapy at home.

What’s in your beauty bag when you travel?


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