Checked in luggage part 2: Inside my carry-on luggage

The airport is not my favourite place – it’s much like the cousin who asks 1000 questions as soon as you walk through the door, offers you stale baked goods and insists on wasting 4 hours of your time checking details they may or may not have the right to know. My checked in luggage is fairly minimal in an attempt to breeze through the airport process, and here are my basic essential items. You can see my carry on beauty items here.


 1. Carried away

A great carry on bag is a must. Find the perfect size for the things you always carry which fits within the carry-on luggage allowance for most airlines. Thankfully, they are all roughly the same. (Check in luggage is another issue). Choose a carry-on bag that is both good quality and durable. This bag can be used for weekends away or overnight hotel stays so buy one that is sturdy and doesn’t scratch or stain easily. The featured bag above is a small leather carry on by Mulberry.

 2. Snuggle up

I always feel cold on planes so I usually pack a sweater or a scarf.  The pictured jumper is one of my well-worn favourites – a printed cotton jersey sweatshirt by A.P.C Atelier Production et Creation. $175 from

3. Hold up

A great passport holder will have room for 3 things – your passport, a pen/paper and a card/emergency currency. There are hundreds out there to choose from – high glamour Jimmy Choo to a home-made version.

 4. The Notebook

I always carry a journal or notebook with me. I can easily write thoughts, ideas, and appointments. I also put a few business cards just inside the cover. You never know who you might meet! The featured notebook is by The Rifle Paper co.

5. Scribbles

This pen is so adorable I bought 3 of them.  Any pen will do however, to fill out those pesky custom forms while flying. Just make sure you chose one that does not leak easily. (Glasses Seven Year Pen by Liberty London)

 6. iEverything

The purpose of flying for me is usually to change residence for 6 months so I pack my MacBook Pro. If it’s a shorter trip I would substitute this for a iPad. I also carry my iPhone which I double as an iPod. I also use this as an emergency camera. (Sunsets from the plane can be majestic).

7.  Literary Genius

On shorter flights I often look towards a magazine, but on longer trips I always pack a good book. I have just finished The Great Gatsby and I am now reading Trans Atlantic by Colum McCann. (My new years resolution: cheat on my monogomous relationship with non fiction).

What do you pack in your carry on luggage?


What are your thoughts?

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