The 65th Lilac Parade. Mackinac Island

The Lilac Parade is weird. I don’t know if it’s because I thought it was meant to be a celebration of Lilacs or that I’m not from Michigan and I just don’t get it. It could be that my tolerance level for weird shit is decreasing as I age. Between underage pageant girls waving at you, Egyptians walking dogs, Indians on horses, a random politician in a carriage, seeing-eye dogs, a clown, a ghost and random candy being pelted at my face I don’t know where to look. This was my second parade and I am not any closer to determining what its actually about other than a celebration of Americas love of voyeurism, candy, sub-cultures and their flag. I’m not complaining though, I was being paid to watch it.











The 65th annual Lilac Festival was held on June 15th at 4pm in absolutely freezing weather. The official website can be found here

Were you in Mackinac for the parade this year? What did you think?


What are your thoughts?

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