Bucket List

Drink handmade Vodka in Russia with locals ✓

See the Grand Canyon ✓

Take a cruise along the Nile and see the pyramids in Egypt

See the Taj Mahal, India

Ride a red double decker bus around London like a knob ✓

Chill out at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii ✓

Attend Pipeline Masters at the North Shore, Hawaii ✓

Snorkel in Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Hawaii ✓

Eat Ouzo soaked octopus in Athens

Travel across the London Bridge ✓

See inside the Sydney Opera House ✓

Walk through the Red Square, Moscow ✓

Visit Suzdal, Russia (one of the oldest towns in Russia) ✓

See the place where Titanic was built, Belfast ✓

Port Douglas, Australia ✓

Visit Port Arthur, Australia

See Ayers Rock, Australia

Notting Hill markets, London ✓

Hollywood Death Tour, Los Angeles ✓

Disneyland, Los Angeles

Midnight ghost hunt in Las Vegas

Move to an Eastern European country for 6 months ✓

Move to a European country for 6 months ✓

Move to America for 6 months ✓

Visit Montreal and take a french lesson

Visit the Winchester mystery house in San Jose

Ghettysburg, Pennsylvania

Hang out in the French Quarter, New Orleans ✓

Empire State Building ✓

See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Statue of Liberty ✓

Big Ben and Tower of London ✓

Visit Chicago ✓

Do a tour of the Carribean Islands; Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica and Antigua.

Visit the Pantheon ✓

Visit the Colosseum ✓

I want to go to a place so beautiful my heart stops ✓

Visit Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona ✓

Do a tour of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia and Pittsburgh ✓

See an Amish person in real life (ha! Hello Amtrak on the above trip!) ✓

See Declaration of Independence and Liberty Bell ✓

I want to see a huge concert somewhere exotic ✓

Tour Ireland including Belfast and Dublin ✓

Visit the famous Kilmainham Gaol and learn about Irish Independence ✓

Live in at least 3 major Australian cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra ✓

Go to New Zealand and spend at least 2 weeks driving and travelling the South Island ✓

I want to see the Sistine Chapel ✓

I want to visit the old Roman city of Pompeii

Eat chocolate, drink wine and learn French in Paris for a month

I want to live in at least three different countries ✓

I want to holiday in Aspen or Vail and take a lesson skiing ✓

I want to do a road trip across the USA ✓

See St Paul’s Cathedral ✓

Drink a pint of Guinness in Ireland ✓

Visit Shakespeare’s house

Jack the Ripper tour – London

Mackinac Island, Michigan ✓

Windsor Castle and Stonehenge tour, UK

Visit Mesa Verde, Colorado ✓

The Whitehouse, Washington DC

Visit at least 4 Eastern European countries ✓

Marie Antoinette Tour, France

Hang out in the Bordeaux area of France

Holiday in Bora Bora, Tahiti

Egyptian Museum, Cairo

London Museum, London ✓

See the Great Barrier Reef ✓

Take Italian cooking class in Florence

Spend a week in Morocco

Trekking tour from Cairo to Cape Town

See the Great Wall of China

Visit Israel

See Alcatraz, CA

A cruise along the coast of Croatia

What’s on your bucket list?



  1. Going to have to think about a bucket list for me. Thanks for the like on my blog today.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh

    • Once you start a bucket list though you cannot stop adding things to it so its almost as if it will never end:) I’ll be in Pittsburgh soon, that’s one of my favourite US cities as well! No worries, great blog. R

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